The aim of our portal is to offer providers the option of mailing images and documents to the corresponding recipients in such a way that the files are only accessible for a certain time or at a certain time, and thus cannot be used free of charge. The formats JPEG, DXF, DWG, Word and EXCEL are possible.


Here the provider is the user of the portal and Show Only customer, the recipient of the files is the final user and the provider's customer. Payment is effected in the form of Credits.



Emailing files through Show only is subject to charges for you as a provider or user. With your initial registration, you receive a basic stock of Credits which you can add to at any time as required.


As a Show Only customer, you administer your Credits as well as the user area of your account and compile your file packages. Only certain files can be adapted into preview images and only they can be displayed to the final user for advance viewing. The download, which is, as a rule, subject to charges for the recipient, contains all of the data.


Images and documents must be maintained in a folder structure.. Individual files cannot be mailed directly but only as a folder package. Once a package is compiled the files it contains can no longer be modified. You determine the presentation of each package as well as the number of recipients. Here you have the following options:


  • defining of the period of use (graduated, maximum 1 year)
  • specifying the viewing time as well as the duration
  • deciding whether download is always possible or only after activation
  • if the download is subject to charges, specifying price and payment terms


Within the so-called package statistics, you can access both the opening times per end-user and package as well as receiving notification of illicit screenshots.


Uploading files is effected as multi-upload or by uploading files from your Dropbox online folder in our system. 




As the recipient of the files or end-user, you only have to register if you would like to contact the provider; or to order, pay for, or download a package.


The links and codes displayed to you are stored in the system once. Previewing is only possible with a Flash Player, whereas it is not possible to zoom and shift the image view. Illicit screenshots lead to immediate disablement of the data set and are registered in the system.


If you would like to buy one or more package, they are available for downloading after payment and activation.